Three Ways to Provide Clean Water to Thirsty Families

December 22, 2015 • Worldwide
Three Ways to Provide Clean Water to Thirsty Families

Around the world, water projects deliver a necessity to people in need.

Samaritan’s Purse provides clean water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene training to people in a dozen countries. These programs not only provide a better chance at life, but also they give us an opportunity to share about the living water found in Jesus Christ.

This Christmas, you can help a family in desperate need with one of the five gifts below.

Three Ways to Provide Clean Water to Thirsty Families


Household Water Filters

In desert areas such as Niger and South Sudan, water is hard to come by. In tropical areas such as parts of Bolivia and Uganda, it’s easy to find water, but that doesn’t mean the water is safe to drink. More than 2,000 children die daily from water-borne diseases, including malaria and diarrhea. We have provided hundreds of thousands of families with a better alternative—household filters that use a natural process to strain out bacteria or other impurities. These simple filters don’t require electricity or chemicals, work for decades, and can be manufactured locally for around $100. As we provide these filters, God opens doors for us to also provide the news of His cleansing power, and many families come to a saving faith in Him.

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Clean Water

In the days after a disaster, sources of water that people desperately need can’t be trusted. Saltwater from a typhoon or tsunami can contaminate thousands of wells. Earthquakes clog and destroy reservoirs and springs. When we respond to international disasters, clean water is one of our first priorities. In just a few hours, we can set up community filters to provide water for more than 3,000 people, along with providing sanitation and hygiene facilities. For $20, you can provide an entire family with clean water after a disaster. As we work, God provides us with the opportunity to share about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Three Ways to Provide Clean Water to Thirsty Families


Freshwater Wells

The well in Kaaki village in Kenya was too deep to pump by hand, and when the generator wore out, residents were left high and dry. They had to haul water from a local source eight miles away. Although the trips were exhausting and dangerous, the residents didn’t have the money for repairs. Samaritan’s Purse rehabilitated the well last year with a solar-powered pump that supplies enough clean water for 500 families. And much like the Samaritan woman who asked Jesus about where she could find “living water” (John 4), these families have the opportunity to learn about Christ at their wells. We can rehabilitate a well or drill a new one for as little as $40 per family.