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Haiti Health Ministries (HHM)
Haiti Health Ministries (HHM) Medical Clinic is an outpatient clinic offering patient care, patient education, laboratory services, pharmacology, sonography, radiology, and minor surgery. Approximately 150 patients are treated daily; 35,000 annually. The clinic, consisting of 6 exam rooms, ICU/ER area, and a minor surgery room, has a staff of 14 including three physicians, a physician's assistant, a part-time nurse practitioner, and a prenatal/wound care consultant. The most common diagnoses are diabetes, hypertension, and congestive heart failure. We treat chronic wounds and provide prenatal care. We also see tropical infectious diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and cholera. Patients who are seriously ill or need surgery are transported or referred to nearby hospitals for admission. We average one helicopter transport per week and use local ambulances for others. We have a laboratory that does common tests and a pharmacy with all major categories of medications. Patients are never turned away because of inability to pay. Evangelism is a very important component of the clinic’s ministry. The Gospel message is presented clearly to the patients and their families daily. Those who accept Christ receive a New Testament and are referred to local evangelical churches.
Time Zone
Haiti Standard Time (EST); Haiti Daylight Saving Time (EDT)
Fly by commercial airline to Port-au-Prince; travel by car to the HHM Medical Clinic in Gressier, Haiti (up to 2-hour car ride because of traffic and poor road conditions).
Located on the outskirts of Gressier, before Leogane, 25 miles SW of Port-au-Prince.
10% Mulatto (French/African), 90% African.
All Haitians speak Creole, a simplified form of French. While the official language of the country is French, only 10% of the people actually speak it. Translators are available during clinical service.
The official state religion is Catholicism; however, Protestant and voodoo beliefs are most popular.
Daily average temperatures in Haiti are between 70°–80° Fahrenheit. Nightly temperatures generally fall 10–20 degrees below that of the daily average. November through March is Haiti's dry season. The rains come in the months from April through October.
There is one guesthouse with four rooms. Each room has two sets of bunk beds (sleeps 4). Each room has a private bathroom with one toilet, one shower, and two sinks. There is a central seating and fellowship area, as well as a central dining pavilion. The water from the tap is drinkable. Electricity is available most of the time, but both water and electricity are conserved as much as possible. The guesthouse windows and doors are screened and there is a ceiling fan in each room.
The guesthouse kitchen staff will prepare both lunch and dinner. Ingredients will be available for volunteers to prepare their own breakfast. Most of the meals feature Haitian cuisine (ie. rice and beans, pumpkin and bean soups, fried bananas, mangos). Meat is not served with all meals.
For More Information
Contact Sandy Souto by email or by phone at: (828) 278-1006.