Hope Medical ClinicMacau, China

Specialties Needed

Family Practice

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Mission Organization
International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention
Hope Medical Clinic is a Christian ministry that uses health care as a means to reach people and proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This family practice clinic was founded in 1980 and treats about 1,000 patients each month. The clinic is an outpatient diagnostic and treatment center and has no hospital patients (no night duty responsibilities). The Hope Medical Clinic has also developed a training program for Chinese family medicine residents.
Commercial flights are available directly into Macau International Airport.
Time Difference
+ 13 hours Eastern Standard Time; + 12 hours Eastern DL Time
Macau is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. This region is located on the southern coast, about 40 miles west of Hong Kong.
Macau was a colony of Portugal for 40 years, so there is a mix of Chinese and Portuguese. The customs of both cultures are celebrated.
The official languages are Portuguese and Chinese (Cantonese). English is also widely understood and spoken.
Buddhism/Chinese Traditional Religion is practiced by about half the population. A small minority are Roman Catholics. The clinic has daily devotions with their staff.
Macau has a humid, subtropical climate. The summer months (June–September) are hot, with temperatures reaching the 90s. The winter months (December–March) are noticeably cooler with temperatures in the 60s–70s.
Inexpensive housing is usually available in a fully furnished apartment near the clinic. The cost of housing covers water, electricity and wireless Internet.
Meals are not provided, but food is readily available in Macau. In addition to familiar western restaurants (McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut), a wide variety of ethnic foods are readily available (Portuguese, Thai, Italian, Japanese, etc.). Western food products are also available if you would like to cook your own meals.
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