Cement Donation Arrives at Egbe Hospital

November 18, 2013 • Nigeria

A cement donation from a Nigerian company will allow Egbe Hospital to build a security wall to protect patients and staff.

Abby Anderson and her husband, Mark, moved to Nigeria in 2011 to manage the construction portion of the revitalization of Egbe Hospital, a rural teaching hospital in southwest Nigeria. 

Egbe Hospital Nigeria

From the first load of cement, the hospital was able to make several hundred blocks to begin construction of the security wall.

Dangote is a Nigerian company that owns one of the largest cement factories in Africa. It’s located 2.5 hours from Egbe. After numerous long conversations and tremendous effort, the ECWA Hospital Revitalization Project was approved for a donation from the Dangote Company in the amount of 3,600 bags of cement.

Each bag weighs 50 kilograms or 110 pounds, and 3,600 bags of cement is the equivalent of four large semi-trucks each carrying 900 bags of cement. Our hospital is located on 35 acres; this cement will be used to build an 8-foot tall concrete block security wall around the entire circumference of the hospital compound.

The first truckload of cement (900 bags) has just arrived, and the compound block industry has resumed operation to build more than 21,000 blocks for our new security wall. What a blessing!