Helping a Flooded Northland

July 25, 2012 • United States

Samaritan’s Purse brings relief to homeowners devastated by raging floodwaters in Moose Lake, Minnesota

Tim Tuckenhagen stood in the doorway of his flooded home in Moose Lake, Minnesota, quietly talking with a team of Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief volunteers who had assembled outside his modest house.

Only days before, torrential rains has turned the normally tranquil waters of the Moose Horn River into a raging current, sweeping through homes and businesses with devastating results.

Tuckenhagen recalled the sudden fury of the surging floodwaters that swiftly inundated his home.

“One minute, I was the in the kitchen making my oatmeal, and the next thing I know, my living room is filling up with water,” he said. “ I didn’t know what I would do.”

He was extraordinarily grateful when our volunteers spent hours cleaning his home and sanitizing it from the effects of dangerous mold left when the floodwaters receded.

Tuckenhagen was very thankful for the team’s willingness to help.

“It would have been hard to do this all by myself,” he said. “I am so appreciative.”

The team working there expressed joy at being able to help.

“People are so thankful,” said Mayo, a volunteer from the Netherlands. “They say thank you, but I tell them no, thank you for blessing us!”

Mayo, who is living in Wisconsin while she visits the U.S., heard about the work being done by Samaritan’s Purse in Moose Lake and came with her friend, Holgen, to help.

“Sometimes it doesn’t matter what words you say, people watch your actions,” Holgen said. “It’s our prayer that these homeowners see the love of Christ through us.”

About five blocks away, another team of Samaritan’s Purse volunteers worked hard at Tammy Turnbuckle’s house. Her home was severely damaged by the flood.

“It all happened in about two hours,” she said. “I didn’t know when it was going to stop, it was rising so fast.

Volunteers led by team leader Jim Ault removed the ruined floor and wallboards. Then they sprayed the structure with a special solution designed to kill existing mold and seal against any future growth.

After the work was completed, the volunteers all signed a Bible and presented it to Mrs. Turnbuckle, something we do for each homeowner we help.

“I’m so happy for your help and I’m especially happy for this Bible you gave me,” she said.

Mrs. Turnbuckle also prayed with the volunteer team to rededicate her life to following Christ.

Holding her new Bible she said, “I love you guys! This makes me want to go help others as well. This gives me hope.”