God Provides Protection

October 12, 2012 • Honduras

By Tom Mangham, deputy country director in Honduras

For years, Samaritan’s Purse has worked with families affected by HIV and AIDS in Honduras by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Many of these families live in the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in San Pedro Sula, a city widely known as the “Murder Capital of the World.”

Our dedicated staff is keenly aware of the dangers of working in these areas. Every day requires that they take a step of faith, trusting that God will protect them as they do His work.

Last Friday, on October 5, the program manager gave a special prayer in morning devotions. The prayer was that our staff would be “invisible, like ghosts” to those wishing to do evil.

One of our staff members, Oscar Ortega, shared with us later what happened that day.

“On Friday I went with one of our contractors, Don Manuel Lara, to the community of La Lima in order to make assessments and improvements on homes for HIV families, orphans and vulnerable children,” he said. “During our lunch hour, we ate together at a local restaurant called ‘La Canasta.’

“While we were eating and talking, I noticed a transit police officer sitting at a table next to us who was visibly shaken. I also noticed the restaurant staff was visibly upset as they spoke with each other. I thought that something must have happened that made the people around us very upset and nervous.

“I got up and spoke with one of the waitresses and asked what had happened. In an astonished tone she said, ‘Are you kidding? Don’t you know that everyone here was just robbed!’

“Then she told me how several young men had entered the restaurant, took the gun of the restaurant security guard and began robbing people and taking all of their personal possessions.

“Full of astonishment, I came back to Don Manuel and explained what had just taken place. The most striking part was the infinite mercy of God on our lives. He had protected us and made us invisible to the people who were committing the robbery. We weren’t even aware of what was taking place around us because the criminals were very discreet while they were committing their evil deeds.”

Please continue to keep the SP Honduras staff in your prayers. They are desperately needed, as this story reminds us of how our Father in Heaven is listening and caring for His own.