Out of the Rubble, God is Glorified

December 20, 2013 • Nigeria
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This cross has stood outside Egbe Hospital for years. In this photo from April, it's outside the Outpatient Department building, but it was recently relocated to a new position.

Samaritan’s Purse staff members in Egbe, Nigeria, continue to work diligently on the Egbe Hospital Revitalization project. The staff hopes to reach Nigerians with the Word of God through the project.

Abby Anderson and her husband, Mark, moved to Nigeria in 2011 to manage the construction portion of the revitalization of Egbe Hospital, a rural teaching hospital in southwest Nigeria.

The Egbe Hospital Revitalization project continues to move forward despite frequent building challenges and obstacles.  God continues to pour out His grace on this project and this community and it’s incredible to experience firsthand the miracle this project has become.

Give a Mission HospitalThe new Outpatient Department building is nearing completion.  We are patiently waiting for a shipping container to arrive from the U.S. carrying construction finishes required for completion as well as new medical supplies. Remodel work has started on what will be the new Pharmacy and Billing building.  The new space is situated beside the new Outpatient Department building, which will ease patient flow and increase hospital staff efficiency. The need for medical and hospital staff continues to become more and more urgent as the revitalization progresses. It doesn’t just involve the construction; it is a global revitalization of all of the intricate details of the hospital, administration, and infrastructure.

The revitalization is slowly creating a platform for medical excellency that will provide an outlet for reaching Nigerians with the healing power of Christ. Out of the rubble, God is glorified!

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The Outpatient Department building is almost complete now. Once it’s done, the team will continue working on the chapel, dam, pharmacy and billing office, the under 5 clinic, and doctors’ housing.