The Last Home Visit

August 18, 2014 • Honduras
The Last Home Visit

A year after a young boy's surgery, Children’s Heart Project staff visit his family to encourage them in their faith

Dela Rodríguez is the Children’s Heart Project coordinator in Honduras.

“The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning. It’s time to sing Your song again. Whatever may pass and whatever comes before me, let me be singing when the evening comes …”

The Last Home Visit

Nestor is now 2 years old and is thriving at his home in Honduras.

These few words from a well-known worship song resonated in my mind as I traveled six hours to visit Nestor Packs’ family in Trujillo, one of the oldest Honduran towns. Christopher Columbus landed in Trujillo in 1502 during his fourth voyage to the Americas. In spite of its historical richness, there’s a lot of poverty and little work in the area. Nevertheless, Nestor’s family has seen the mercy of God throughout the last year.

Through Children’s Heart Project, Nestor had heart surgery in June 2013 for Tetralogy of Fallot, four problems in the heart that could have ended his life at a young age. He traveled with his grandmother, Irma, to Texas to receive the life-saving operation. A year later, we glorify God for the wonders He has performed in Nestor.

Nestor’s dad works loading fruit in ships that sail from the Trujillo Port. His mom, Jenny, stays at home to take care of her three kids. It’s been a hard life, especially with Nestor’s heart defect.

“After the surgery, I could finally sleep peacefully after years of waking up in the middle of the night by an unexpected fever or cough,” Jenny said.

I was visiting for Nestor’s one year follow-up visit. The family welcomed us warmly with a colorful lunch that reflects the tropical culture of their coastal town. We had the chance to share a time of craft making and later teach a Bible study.

“I am glad you came to our home and shared the Word of God with my daughters, grandkids, and me,” Irma said. “It is so important that my family knows about Jesus.”

The Last Home Visit

Nestor’s family can finally live in peace knowing that he is healthy.

It was the family’s first Bible study, and they asked us to continue sharing Scripture with them all afternoon. They prayed with us and confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior after listening to the Word of God.

We urged the family to continue following up with the cardiologist as Nestor grows up. We also encouraged the parents to instruct him in the truth of Jesus Christ so his heart and soul can be renewed and he can one day pray for Jesus to save him for eternity.