3 Ways Water Saves Lives

October 7, 2019 • Worldwide

These small gifts can provide a family or community with life’s simplest necessity

A person can only live a few days without water. But in many parts of the world, access to water is scarce, and clean water is impossible to find. Many people, mostly young children, die of waterborne disease each year. This Christmas, for as little $20, you can bless a thirsty community with both a physical water source and the hope of living water found in Jesus Christ.

1. Provide Families with Household Filters

Some impoverished families do not realize they need to boil contaminated water, and their lack of understanding can result in illness or even death. Boiling also comes with a cost, though—it drains a family’s income by using up precious fuel resources. For $100, you can provide a family with a better alternative. Our easy-to-use biosand water filters require no fuel, electricity, or chemicals and can be used for years to provide clean water.

household filters

2. Bring Clean Water to Communities

After a disaster strikes, water sources that were once clean often become contaminated. People with limited food and no shelter are forced to drink water that is dirty to survive. Your $75 donation will help us provide tanks, filters, latrines, hygiene training, and other essential measures to protect water sources and prevent the spread of disease. Just one filter can meet the daily needs of 3,000 people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to clean water.

3. Help Install Freshwater Wells

In Jesus’ time, wells were often used as gathering places. In many foreign countries, they often still serve this purpose along with providing much-needed clean water. A new well in a community means that women can spend less time walking to collect water, and it also gives us the opportunity to share the Gospel with those who gather there. Using a hand-cranked drill or a truck-mounted rig, we can drill a well to serve 500 villagers for about $20 per person.