Hospital of Hope

Mango, Togo

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Mission Organization
Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE)
Minimum Service Requirement
  • Four-week minimum of service for CRNA, emergency medicine, family medicine, gastroenterology, general surgery, internal medicine, nurse practitioner, OB/GYN, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, pediatrics, physical therapy, and physician assistant.
  • French required for physical therapy.
  • Six-week minimum of service for registered nurses.
  • Profile

    Hospital of Hope is located in the northern region of Togo. Opening in March 2015, the hospital is a 66-bed major medical, surgical, and acute care facility and regional trauma center. The bulk of the patients are Togolese, but many come from neighboring countries as well. The staff is composed of missionary physicians and other volunteers as well as Togolese physician assistants, nurses, and support staff. Our Togolese staff is made up of a mix of Christians and non-Christians. Annually, we provide care to over 2,500 medical inpatients and have approximately 1,000 surgical cases. The hospital outpatient clinic is open four days per week, and averages 100–150 patients (depending on number of providers available) per day. The outpatient clinic contains several exam rooms and a treatment room. The hospital also holds immunization and prenatal clinics. In all of our services offered, our main goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we provide compassionate healthcare in His name.

    The hospital’s official address is in the town of Mango and consists of a 66-acre, walled complex. There are various ministry opportunities for service available including medical, community health, sports, and building maintenance.

    Hospital of Hope has a strong chaplaincy program that we consider the cornerstone of what we do. Our chaplaincy staff includes both missionaries and Togolese believers. All volunteers are encouraged to witness to patients; however, in this Muslim context, we ask that counsel be sought before evangelizing in order to understand our strategy and cultural perceptions.

    In addition to intensive care (very basic), the hospital contains pediatrics, obstetrics, surgical, and medical units. There is also a minor surgery/treatment room, surgical recovery/triage area, and a laboratory/X-ray. Our outpatient clinic opens most weekdays by 7:30 a.m. for medical triage.

    Volunteers can fly into Lomé, Togo. From Lomé, it is an 8-hour drive (transportation provided—see budget worksheet for cost) by missionary vehicle or taxi to the hospital.
    Time Difference
    +4 hours daylight saving time; +5 Eastern Standard Time
    Hospital of Hope is located in Mango in the northern region of Togo, a country of over 8 million people in West Africa.
    99 percent of the population is represented by 37 tribal groups, with the Ewe, Mina, and Kabre tribes representing the largest of the groups.
    For Registered Nurses serving more than 2 months, French training is needed.
    Islam: 80 percent, Animism: 15 percent, Christianity: 5 percent
    The weather in Mango is generally hot. Average high temperatures range from the upper 80s to the upper 120s. The rainy season starts in May and ends by October 1. The dry season lasts from October through April. The very hottest time of the year is March/April when temperatures can climb into the 120s by day and down to the upper 80s at night. December through mid-February is very tolerable as the Harmattan winds blow down from the Sahara, causing a constant dusty haze blocking the sun.
    Common Diseases/Trauma
    All diseases encountered in the United States, plus many infectious tropical diseases such as malaria, meningitis, and typhoid, as well as snake bites. Hospital of Hope functions as the regional trauma center.
    Regional, spinal, and general. O2 is available throughout the hospital.
    Doctor's orders are generally written in English or French. Nursing charting is in French and English. Most Togolese staff will speak some English. Translators are available for patient interaction.
    Lab Tests
    Comprehensive lab including bactilab.
    No pathology lab on site. Specimens are sent back to the United States for review and diagnosis.
    Basic X-ray. Mobile ultrasound machine. No CAT scan.
    There are three fully functional operating rooms equipped with basic OR equipment and supplies to perform a broad range of surgeries, orthopedic capacity, and one small surgery room for endoscopy, casting, and minor trauma. Scheduled surgeries are performed Tuesdays and Thursdays and emergency cases 24/7.
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