Litein Hospital


Mission Organization
Africa Inland Mission (AIM)/Africa Inland Church (AIC)
Litein provides primary and specialist care to a catchment population of 800,000 people across six counties in the South Rift region of Kenya. A.I.C. Litein Hospital has 220 beds and a 10-bed casualty. The community of about 450 medical and nonmedical staff is rich in spirit and passionate about providing quality healthcare each in their own way. General Outpatient Services are administered by qualified specialists in order to meet the needs of the clients/patients and face the challenges of health care services on a 24/7 timeline. Approximately 500 patients are served every day. On average 600 patients are admitted every month. Bed occupancy is over 80 percent. They carry out close to 180 operations per month, 30 to 40 percent being minor operations, including cataract surgery. They also conduct knee and hip replacements as well as general surgery. The hospital is a Medical and Clinical Officers’ Internship Centre and a training site for nursing students from various universities and colleges across Kenya. Litein has full time family medicine residents who mainly rotate in the facility as well as receive 4-week rotational family medicine residents. The hospital has been accredited by Cosecsa and PAACS.
Fly by commercial airline to Nairobi; drive approximately 5–6 hours to the hospital.
Time Difference
+7 hours daylight saving time; +8 hours Eastern Standard Time
A.I.C Litein Hospital is located about 7,000 feet above sea level. It is about 270 kilometers from Nairobi and 40 kilometers from Kericho County headquarters.
The Kalenjin ethnolinguistic group live predominantly in Litein but other groups can be found in minority.
Swahili and English are the official languages of Kenya although local tribal dialects are also spoken. Kipsigis and Kiswahili are the local languages of this region. All medical staff speak English fluently. Medical records are written in English.
The population is primarily Christian (Protestant and Catholic), although some of the more remote tribes practice animism and spirit worship. Muslims and Hindus comprise a smaller portion of the religious community.
There are two rainy seasons in March–June and October–December. June–August can be quite cool and December–March is typically dry and hot. There can be a lot of mud in the rainy seasons. June–August can be quite cool. December–March is the driest and hottest season.
Short-term medical personnel will be housed in the 10-bed guesthouse which is available for 800 KSH per person per day. Catering can be provided to the guesthouse for meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner at an additional cost of about 1000 KSHS per person. One can opt for the complete meal package for 2000 KSH. This includes 3 meals and 2 teas. With prior arrangement gas can be provided to the guesthouse to cook your own meals for a small fee.
Meals can be purchased in the hospital cafeteria and are included in housing costs.
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