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World Medical Mission exists to address these needs by sending Christian medical and dental professionals on short-term trips to partnering mission hospitals and clinics around the world.

It's the most rewarding medicine you will have practiced in a long time.” Dr. Chuck Barrier Doctor of Internal Medicine

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and other experts in the medical field follow in the footsteps of the Great Physician as they provide patient care in a resource-limited environment, relieve overwhelmed full-time hospital staff, and help educate the next generation of national healthcare workers in the country they are serving.

“It's the most rewarding medicine you will have practiced in a long time,” said Dr. Chuck Barrier. As an internal medicine doctor, he has served on multiple short-term trips to Cameroon and Kenya alongside his wife, Angela, who is a pediatric hospitalist.

Serving with World Medical Mission opens up extraordinary opportunities for Christian men and women willing to use their professional expertise in areas of great need.

Minister in Jesus' Name

As patients walk through the darkest times of their lives, World Medical Mission volunteers have the opportunity to pray and share the Gospel with them, ministering to their spiritual needs as they work to treat their physical ailments.

Relieve Weary Healthcare Workers

Having people visit us to help is a big relief, and we feel that we are not alone. We feel we have a shoulder to lean on.” Dr. Elijah Terer CEO AIC Litein Hospital, Kenya

Local doctors serving in our partner hospitals around the world are often overwhelmed, facing burnout due to high patient numbers and the severity of the medical conditions they see on a daily basis. All this often comes without periods of rest or time away for themselves. They are drained physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually, and they are in dire need of a break to recharge and refocus.

Help Train the Next Generation

I think that's the biggest reason I was there—not to teach just a few people, but to teach a few people who will then go and teach more people and continue spreading knowledge.” Dr. Janae Fry Emergency Medicine Resident Chogoria Hospital, Kenya

Medical and dental professionals who come to serve on short-term trips with World Medical Mission also play an important part in building up the future healthcare system of the country they visit. Skilled men and women can pull from their wealth of knowledge and experience in Western healthcare settings to share their expertise with those who will be caring for local patients long after they are gone.

The number of patients is overwhelming. Medical staff are exhausted. The needs are great.

World Medical Mission is looking for Christian medical and dental professionals like you to use the gifts and talents God has given you to expand his kingdom and fill these needs. Not only will you treat physical sickness and injuries, you will shine as a light for Jesus Christ and provide hope to people who are suffering.

World Medical Mission takes care of all the details for your short-term assignment, including orientation, travel schedules, economy airfare, visas, permits, housing, transportation, and more.

Apply today and use your God-given abilities in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other fields to serve the needs of those who are suffering around the world.

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