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After many years of persecution, churches in South Sudan are thriving and reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

When a South Sudanese congregation found out a struggling widow named Abuk and her four children had been left homeless because of a fire, they knew they had to do something.

The church members all had their own stories of hardship, suffering through decades of civil war and losing many loved ones along the way. Their sanctuary too had been burned several times. But, in their time of need, Samaritan's Purse partnered with them to rebuild. Our teams also followed up by engaging Pastor Daniel Lual and other leaders in a discipleship initiative that helps local Christians identify and meet physical and spiritual needs in their communities.

I became a Christian, which is making me joyful every day. My life has totally changed. I love sharing Jesus with others.” —Abuk

After being blessed by others, the congregation was excited to put their discipleship training into action by helping Abuk. Believers raised the funds and did the labor required to build her a new home. They also began inviting Abuk to worship meetings, and she has since received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

“I became a Christian, which is making me joyful every day,” Abuk said. “My life has totally changed. I love sharing Jesus with others.”

Pastor Daniel is truly grateful for all the support Samaritan's Purse has provided to strengthen his congregation. Without it, they may have missed the opportunity to help a family in need and bring the hope of the Gospel to them.

“Our church was moved by Abuk's situation,” Pastor Daniel said. “She was among the most vulnerable.”

Hope for South Sudan

Jesus is our hope. The church in South Sudan—as the body of Christ—is the hope for the country.” —Pastor William Deng Koch

Pastor Daniel's church is just one of more than 500 destroyed during decades of war and rebuilt by Samaritan's Purse, primarily from 2005–2012. Today many of these congregations continue standing steadfast in their faith and witness.

Churches throughout South Sudan are growing, thriving, and reaching people with the hope of Jesus Christ.

Samaritan's Purse remains committed to helping South Sudanese churches reach out in their communities. In addition to our discipleship program, we're also working with local Christians to distribute Bibles, show the Jesus film, and teach people how to read using the Bible. Evangelism teams witness in markets and remote villages. We're also providing opportunities for church youth groups to present the Gospel by leading outdoor dramas in a large refugee camp. Marriages in the church are being strengthened as we teach husbands and wives how to experience a godly relationship that honors God.

Our teams also share the Good News of Jesus Christ in refugee camps and impoverished communities as we provide clean water access, build latrines, teach hygiene, manage agriculture and livelihood projects, and oversee food distributions.

Pastor William Deng Koch leads a congregation that suffered greatly because of war, as their building was burned several times. Samaritan's Purse rebuilt the church building in 2012 and attendance has doubled since that time, with more than 1,000 people worshipping every week.

The congregation also participated in our discipleship initiative, which Pastor William said propelled them to be more intentional about evangelism among the unreached in their community. They are seeing people come to faith in Jesus, and more people are now coming to the church when they have a problem and need prayer and encouragement.

“When they come to the church, they find they are secure. They are protected,” Pastor William said.

Pastor William is thankful for the partnership with Samaritan's Purse and is dedicated to preaching the Gospel.

“Jesus is our hope,” he said. “The church in South Sudan—as the body of Christ—is the hope for the country.”

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