Support Mothers Around the World


Caring for Mothers and Children in Need

Millions of mothers across the world live in poor, remote communities where they lack access to basic medical care and proper nutrition for themselves and their children.

To help meet these urgent needs, Samaritan's Purse is providing quality health services for pregnant women, teaching about proper nutrition and infant care, and delivering supplemental food across a dozen countries on three continents.

Whether assisting pregnant women in Vietnam and Cambodia, providing food to malnourished babies in South Sudan, or offering hygiene training to new mothers in Bolivia, our goal is to improve health and save lives. As we do this, we develop ongoing relationships that allow us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the best news in the world!

Your gift will enable us to continue showing mothers the love of God through our work and our witness. Thank you.

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  • Cissie Graham Lynch has traveled widely to see how the work of Samaritan's Purse is changing the lives of women and children. One of her most memorable experiences was helping a mother in Liberia gather food for the day.