5 Gifts That Provide Lifesaving Healthcare

October 8, 2019 • Worldwide
Medical missionaries work in mission hospitals around the world.

You can provide medical care to those who need it most

Give the gift of life this Christmas! Medical services are a luxury for millions of people in the world who lack resources and access to quality care. That means some will die simply because no hospital is nearby or medications are unavailable.

Samaritan’s Purse supports the work of dozens of overseas mission hospitals by sending doctors, equipment, and biomedical technicians. As we help bring physical healing to the sick and suffering, we also share the Good News of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.

You can help provide lifesaving or life-transforming care to someone in need through one of the five gifts below:

1. Mend a Cleft Lip

Put a smile on a child’s face! In some cultures, those born with a cleft lip or a cleft palate endure rejection and discrimination throughout their lives. Even if they could, they don’t feel like smiling. Samaritan’s Purse sends surgeons to Bolivia, South Sudan, and Liberia to do cleft repairs that dramatically change a person’s appearance and enable them to gain self-confidence and acceptance. The procedures, which can take less than an hour, have brought smiles to the faces of hundreds of patients, most of whom are children. For $250, you can bless someone with a whole new outlook on life and share the Good News of the Savior’s everlasting love.

cleft lip

2. Restore Sight to the Blind

Imagine if you couldn’t see the twinkling lights on a Christmas tree or read the account of Jesus’ birth in the Book of Luke. Blindness from cataracts is a common problem among the elderly in many developing nations. This condition, as well as other eye diseases, could easily be prevented or remedied with surgery if an ophthalmologist practiced nearby. Your gift of $40 helps us cover the cost for one eye surgery and presents opportunities to introduce people to God’s Son, the “Light of the World.”

Cataract surgery patient in Mexico

3. Provide Lifesaving Medical Equipment

The equipment and everyday materials that we take for granted in a Western hospital are often in short supply at remote mission facilities. At one small hospital in Angola, three of their four sterilizers were either broken or too dangerous to use. That left them with a small 1970s model. When Samaritan’s Purse delivered a new device, the hospital staff members were relieved and grateful. Last year alone, we shipped more than 150 tons of supplies to more than 60 hospitals and clinics. Your $25 gift will assist us in donating these much-needed resources that will save countless lives.

equip a missionary doctor

4. Build or Improve a Mission Hospital

Samaritan’s Purse has upgraded and constructed medical facilities in underserved parts of Africa and Asia. Although Christian doctors and nurses faithfully care for patients at these mission hospitals, the facilities where they serve are often overcrowded and rundown. For $175, you can share in the cost of a construction project that will improve the quality of care for patients, shine as a beacon of light and hope, and help provide more opportunities for medical teams to introduce people to the Great Physician.

5. Send a New Missionary Doctor

When he was 15 years old, Ethan Helm was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma. God spared the teenager’s life and placed a desire in his heart to help other children who are sick or battling diseases like cancer. But Ethan wanted to do more than help save lives. He felt called to serve as a missionary doctor overseas so he could tell those who have never heard the Good News about Christ’s love and salvation. His prayers were answered when he was accepted into World Medical Mission’s Post-Residency Program. The two-year assignment at a hospital in Cameroon has given Ethan and his wife a wonderful opportunity to gain practical experience and minister to their patients. Initiated in 2004, the Post-Residency Program has provided a great training ground for more than 150 young doctors, preparing them for a lifetime of service in the mission field. Your gift of $100 helps us to send more Christian doctors overseas.

send a new missionary doctor