God is Here

August 1, 2011 • Nigeria

Mark and Abby Anderson are managing the revitalization of the Egbe Hospital and complex in Egbe, Nigeria. Volunteers teams began helping with construction in June. The Andersons give an update on our work of building this mission hospital.

Our first team is gone, but we are proud to announce that they were and are the all time best team ever!!! Mark and I are now a bit lonely without them here, and we are anxiously awaiting our next team’s arrival in 2 weeks.

Today the 3 college girls from the orphanage came over and we attended the capping ceremony for the Egbe Hospital Nursing School. Fifty nurses received their caps today, a symbol and badge of achievement that represents servitude, respect, commitment and duty. It was an all out party celebration of singing and dancing, it was incredible to experience.

We also spent an hour playing guitar and singing to the patients in the hospital. There has been much death in the hospital in the last week and spirits are heavy as everyone deals and struggles with loss. Everyone, staff and patients alike, were so appreciative and we all had such a great time that we are going to spend time tomorrow going to the units that we missed today before we continue our painting project.

God is here, giving comfort and strength to all.