Much to be Thankful For

November 30, 2013 • Philippines

During this season of Thanksgiving, our team leader in Tacloban, Philippines, reflects on the work being done in the area and how it has made him grateful.

Matt Ellingson is the Samaritan’s Purse team leader in Tacloban and is working to develop programs in the area.

We have much to be thankful for here in Tacloban. We have a clean place to rest our heads, unlike nearly every person of the affected region.

The cleanup progresses at near Mach speed, which indeed is encouraging–but without the ability to move around the area to see this progress, depression has set in on many to the point some take their own lives as they feel overwhelmed with the chaos all around.
Sometimes I simply follow my heart’s leading to enter the shattered dwellings and share a moment with whomever is present. I give a silly wink to the children to make them giggle or sit down and patiently listen to how the world was blown apart by the apocalyptic wind and storm surge.

In this landscape, it can be difficult to see the hope of Christ because of the mounds of debris. My prayer is that we might reflect a bit of patient love as we apply our sweaty muscles to the situation at hand. Join in this prayer.

We have everything to be thankful for. The resilience of the Filipino is in full display.