Preventing a Miscarriage

October 28, 2015 • Democratic Republic of the Congo
Preventing a Miscarriage

A mother who lost two babies learns how to keep her third

Chatale Sezikana, and her husband, Floribert Muzinganga, live in the northeastern corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Floribert is the Local Chief.

After I had two miscarriages, my husband and I were unhappy with each other. Tensions were so bad between us that we were considering divorce. We didn’t know what had caused the miscarriages, and my husband suspected sorcery.

God showed me grace by introducing me to Samaritan’s Purse. I was chosen to participate in a maternal and child health program. The trainings on health taught me about hygiene and the importance of visiting health clinics, where I now regularly receive health care and examinations to prevent disease.

Preventing a Miscarriage

Chatale feeds her baby nutritious food and is passing health lessons on to him.

Although our resources are limited, I now take care of my family’s health and share the lessons with my husband. He has started going to the health clinic and washing his hands. Before, we only knew of treatment through witchcraft. Now, I would never consider visiting witches because I know how to avoid getting ill.

After receiving treatment at the hospital in Nyankunde and attending the Samaritan’s Purse lessons, I became pregnant. When I found out, I hid it from everyone, including my husband. I was scared of losing another baby. But thanks to the training provided by Samaritan’s Purse, I knew to receive prenatal care during my first trimester.

The clinicians discovered that I had an infection that had caused my earlier miscarriages. They were able to treat the infection early enough to save my child, and I was able to give birth. Now my precious son, Shukuru, is 10 months old and healthy because I exclusively breastfed him until he was 6 months old. The lessons from Samaritan’s Purse taught me to feed him porridge and to raise him with normal health standards. Shukuru hasn’t yet become sick, but when he does, I will know the warning signs and take him to the hospital.

I continue to attend the health lessons. Through them, I have a happy marriage and a healthy baby. Samaritan’s Purse has also helped me spiritually. They have supported my husband and me by teaching us the Word of God and praying for us. We’ve been encouraged to serve Christ.

My husband is thankful that Samaritan’s Purse gave me a Bible so that I can share the Gospel with others as the health promoters shared it with me during training sessions. I pray that God will allow Shukuru to grow for His glory and to be used to help others. May God bless Samaritan’s Purse.