Providing New Beginnings in Mississippi

June 16, 2021 • United States
Volunteers worked at the flooded home of Christine Daughrity in Mound Bayou, Mississippi.

Samaritan's Purse volunteers are assisting rain-weary homeowners in Mississippi and Arkansas after floods devastated communities in the Mississippi Delta.

U.S. Disaster Relief

Christine Daughrity watched helplessly as the floodwaters gathered and rose around her Mound Bayou, Mississippi, home following days of heavy rain in the Delta. Then her son noticed that the water had seeped into their living room and kitchen.

Christine Daughrity was grateful for our help following last week's flooding.

Christine Daughrity was grateful for our help following last week’s flooding.

“The water was getting high inside of the house and I knew we needed to get out,” Christine said. Within one hour, the water was threatening electrical outlets and extension cords throughout the home.


Christine cut the power and called 911 in desperate need of assistance. Praise God though that, moments later, her neighbor showed up. “Our neighbor rescued us and took us to safety.”

As floodwaters began to recede days later across the region, Samaritan’s Purse deployed two Disaster Relief Units—tractor-trailers filled with relief supplies and equipment—from our ministry center in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

Over the weekend (June 12-13), Samaritan’s Purse volunteers began working in Bolivar County, Mississippi, and Desha County, Arkansas. Now teams are deploying daily into communities to help homeowners clean up their homes and properties. Volunteers are removing water-logged walls and flooring, clearing out debris, and salvaging personal belongings.

A Flood of Emotions—and Renewed Hope

Christine recalls the day she returned home—two days after being rescued from the flood—and feeling heartbroken as she surveyed the damage. The task ahead of her seemed insurmountable. Floor boards were bowed and spots of mold had already sprouted in the intense Mississippi heat and humidity.

Volunteers take time to pray with Christine following work on her home.

Volunteers take time to pray with Christine following work on her home.

“Seeing the damage inside the house, it was overwhelming,” Christine said. “I went through every possible emotion under the sun—I went from being sad to angry, frustrated, confused, happy, joyful. I’ve been through all of the emotions since the flood.”

Samaritan’s Purse volunteers were part of the reason for joy as they arrived from across the country to help mud-out homes like Christine’s.

“To know that complete strangers are offering their time and their support to help me clean my home up and get my home back in living condition for my family—that means an awful lot to me,” Christine said.

One of those volunteers, Molly Jackson from the nearby town of Cleveland, Mississippi, spent a few of her days off as a labor and delivery technician to serve her community. She sees a mother’s labor turn to joy every day—from difficulty to birth’s new beginnings. The metaphor is not lost on Molly, who is hopeful to see new life emerge in the area after the flood’s devastation.

“These people are going through so much, and still their faith is in God,” she said, encouraged by how God protected and continues to sustain them and send help. “It’s a miracle.”

As Christine watched Samaritan’s Purse volunteers restore her property and help her pick up the pieces of her life, she praised God for His faithfulness in sending teams and the new beginning provided to her and her family.

“Now that the volunteers have come out to help me today, I really do think this is a fresh start,” she said.

Please continue to pray for our teams in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas as they respond to recent flooding and help families get back on their feet. For more information on how you can get involved, visit

Volunteer Molly Jackson helps salvage furniture and other belongings from the flooded home.

Volunteer Molly Jackson helps salvage furniture and other belongings from the flooded home.

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