Raising the Future of Haiti at the Greta Home

August 7, 2016 • Haiti
Children at the Greta Home and Academy are provided a quality education that will help make them the future leaders of Haiti.

Our media team is posting regular updates from August 8-12 to provide an inside look at the chaos and excitement of life at the Greta Home and Academy

Haiti is the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere. As a result of the country’s financial and political instability, Haitian children often suffer from malnutrition and an inadequate education.

The Greta Home and Academy is working to change the future of Haiti by providing a safe, Christian environment for children to learn and grow. Named after Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren, the school trains young men and women to become Christian leaders by giving them a quality education, marketable skills, and spiritual encouragement through discipleship courses and worship services. Currently there are more than 60 children living at the school and an additional 150 attending from the local community.

Greta Home and Academy