Transformed by Christ

August 31, 2015 • Democratic Republic of the Congo
Transformed by Christ

Learning to rely on God instead of alcohol

Dedebha Angayika, 33, is from a village in the northeast region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, bordering South Sudan. In the past it was an area of great conflict; in 2003, a war broke out, killing 50,000. It’s now considered a post-conflict area. Dedebha is a farmer, housewife, and attendant of the Protestant church

During the massacres by the Lord’s Resistance Army, we were forced to flee after we were attacked and our houses and belongings were taken from us. We lost everything. It was too much for my husband to handle, and he sought refuge in alcohol. I didn’t drink at the time, but I soon took to drinking too.

During this alcoholic phase, I rarely cooked and rarely ate; I only cared for alcohol. I lost so much weight; my husband and kids were skinny too. My husband and I had several fights because I didn’t care for our home and had neglected my household duties altogether.

Transformed by Christ

Since finding Christ, Dedebha is much happier and is better able to care for her family.

We returned to our village after Samaritan’s Purse selected us as agricultural beneficiaries. We received seeds and tools and planted crops, but as soon as we harvested them, my husband and I quickly sold them off and used the money to buy alcohol.

Our children lost so much weight that they became malnourished. A little later, Samaritan’s Purse launched a malaria prevention program, and I was again selected as a beneficiary. This time, my community elected me as a leader mother. I was responsible for 16 other women, and I worked closely with the health promoters until the project ended in March 2015.

In April 2015, we were informed of a nutrition and maternal education project, and I was again selected as a leader mother. During one of the training sessions, the Samaritan’s Purse health promoter shared the Gospel. During each training session, the Bible teachings focused on the fruits of the Spirit and the fruits of the flesh. This made me re-examine my life, my household and my behavior—especially as I was supposed to be a role model for other women.

I made the decision to stop drinking, put away all evil deeds, follow Christ, and meditate on His Word. Since then, my health has improved. I have gained some weight, and my husband and children are happy. Even my neighbors are shocked at the transformation that has taken place in my life.

I would like to thank Samaritan’s Purse for the projects it has carried out in my community. I’m also grateful for the change that they have brought into my life and the lives of my family. I know that my husband is going to turn his life around too.