Happy Family                

January 2, 2015 • Cambodia
Happy Family

A project in Cambodia teaches women how to stop domestic violence

Tin is a beneficiary of a Samaritan’s Purse project in Cambodia that supports healthy families.

Editor’s Note: The Strengthening Women and Families Together project works with women to build families that are healthy, among other things. The goal is to break to cycles of domestic violence, oppression, and gender discrimination that are prevalent in Cambodia. Staff members work with women, young girls, and in schools to train and provide opportunities for communities to be empowered. The volunteers teach families in their own homes, and staff members act as coaches and mentors. This structure results in a network of women working to encourage and protect their families and each other.

Happy Family

Tin’s family has changed because of the lessons taught by Samaritan’s Purse. They are now safe and happy.

My husband, Phany, and I used to fight constantly with each other. Not only did I use disrespectful words with him, but I also hit my children when I got angry.

Samaritan’s Purse taught me about healthy communication and healthy parenting. They also taught Phany to love, respect, and listen to me. We now understand our roles and responsibilities as a mother and a father toward our children. And we also understand our roles and responsibilities as a wife and a husband toward each other.

After receiving training, I shared what I learned from each lesson with my husband. We began carrying out these lessons in our lives. We began loving each other and stopped fighting. I stopped hitting my children. I also shared the lessons with my neighbors in hopes that it will change our community.

Samaritan’s Purse staff members shared about Jesus during the trainings in my village. Now I’m thinking about following Him. My family is happy now because we use healthy communication.

Cambodia Projects Cambodia, one of the poorest nations in the world, has few resources available to care for its people, the majority of whom live in rural areas. We help meet desperate needs for food and livelihoods through animals and agriculture projects, as well as providing access to safe, clean drinking water. Children’s education projects ensure boys and girls remain in school, while increasing their quality of life. Our maternal and child health program reduces the mortality rates of women and their young children by improving obstetric care, teaching essential nutrition practices, and increasing access to quality healthcare. We also combat human trafficking through education and training. Only 2 percent of the country is Christian, and a crucial aspect of our work involves partnering with local churches to help spread the Gospel in their villages.

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