Hospital Bongolo

Lebama, Gabon

Hospital Website
Mission Organization
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Language Requirement
All volunteers need to speak French unless they will be conducting surgery.
Bongolo Hospital (Hopital de Bongolo d’Alliance Chretienne) is a 158-bed hospital, (33) adult surgery, (29) adult medical, (26) maternity with (8) isolettes, (26) eye clinic, (22) peds (medical and surgical), (5) emergency room, (5) recovery room and (4) ICU, in a rural area of Gabon. It presently serves one third of the country's population. Current hospital physician staff includes (2) American general surgeons (both board certified), (5) surgical residents of various nationalities, (2) Congolese general practice physicians, (1) American pediatrician, (1) American IM/Peds physician and (1) American ophthalmologist. There are also three Gabonese CRNAs. The hospital also has a dental clinic, an AIDS/HIV treatment center and a busy outpatient department, with an average of 900 patients seen each week. In addition to medical care, the hospital also offers a three-year training course for nurses and midwives and a community health program.
El viaje
Fly by commercial airline to Libreville; fly local commercial airlines to Mouila; drive two hours to Lebamba.
Diferencia de la hora local
+5 hours Daylight Savings Time (EST), U.S.A.; +6 hours Eastern Standard Time, U.S.A.
El lugar
Bongolo Hospital is located in a lush, forested, rural area of Gabon 340 miles southwest of the capital city of Libreville.
Su gente
French and local African dialect. All PAACS residents are taught in English.
El clima
Rainy season is October–May with a slight decrease in frequency in January and February. Hot and humid (80–90 percent) throughout the year. Rainy season highs are 85F–90F and dry season highs are 72F–80F.
El alojamiento
Accommodations are in a guest house with kitchen facilities for breakfast and lunch. Dinner will usually be with missionary staff.
La alimentación
Kitchen facilities available for cooking, some dinners with missionaries.
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