Hospital Misionero Chitokoloki

Chitokoloki, Zambia

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Minimum Time Requirement
The hospital asks that you serve a minimum of 3–4 weeks at the hospital.
Chitokoloki Mission Hospital is a 200-bed hospital that serves a patient population of 150,000 in the Northwest Province of Zambia. The hospital is located on the Zambezi River. The hospital facility includes four large wards and three smaller wards including a 25-bed pediatrics ward and a 25-bed OBG ward. There is also a seven-bed ICU, an ER, pharmacy, kitchen, and a laundry area. Another block of buildings houses three operating theatres, an X-ray department, and an eye and dental clinic. There is another section of the hospital that houses the on-site outpatient clinic that services up to 400 persons each day. In this area there is also a laboratory and an HIV/AIDS clinic, several wards, and offices. There is also a 110-bed leprosy/TB colony with its own staff. The hospital is usually filled to capacity, with extra mattresses on the floor. Current hospital staff includes both nationals and expatriates. A general surgeon is the only full-time expatriate physician at the hospital. There are (2) CRNAs.
El viaje
Fly by commercial airline into Lusaka; take a mission flight (approximately 2–3 hours) to the landing strip at Chitokoloki.
Diferencia de la hora local
+ 7 hours Eastern Standard Time U.S.A.; + 6 hours Eastern Daylight Time U.S.A.
El lugar
Chitokoloki is located on the Zambezi River about 25 miles from the town of Zambezi, in the Northwest Province of Zambia. The Northwest Province borders the countries of Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is the most sparsely populated province of Zambia.
Su gente
The people of Zambia come from over 70 different tribes. The people near Chitokoloki are mostly from the Lunda and Luvale tribes.
El idioma
Most Zambians speak English including all hospital staff.
La religión
The majority of Zambians practice some form of Christianity. Many of these have not totally forgotten their traditional roots and still hold many of these beliefs. Many of the Christians are Roman Catholic. Islam and Hinduism are also practiced.
El clima
Chitokoloki is south of the equator. The months of June and July are winter, with temperatures ranging from around 80°F during the day to 42°F at night. The hottest months are September and October when temperatures range from the low 90s during the day to the low 60s at night. The rest of the year temperatures range from the low-to-mid 80s during the day to lower 60s at night. The rainy season is from November–April. The altitude at Chitokoloki is 3,470 feet and mostly flat. The soil is mostly sandy, as Chitokoloki is on the outer edge of the Kalahari Desert.
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