Distribución de cajas de regalos

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  • This girl shows off the doll she received in her shoebox gift at an outreach event in Paramaribo, Suriname.

  • This boy is one of more than 197,000 children in Suriname who have received a gift-filled shoebox given in Jesus' Name.

  • A girl from Suriname proudly shows off her shoebox gift.

  • A trio of girls in Mongolia rejoice over their shoebox gifts.

  • Parents are often as excited about the shoebox gift as their child who received it.

  • In Namibia, a boy celebrates the toy cars he received in his shoebox gift.

  • In Gabon, like many places around the world, sometimes the personal note inside the shoebox gift is the most appreciated.

  • A girl from Kiribati loves the new “wow” toy she found in her shoebox gift.

  • Flashlights packed in shoebox gifts (with extra batteries) help introduce children to Jesus, the Light of the World.

  • A slinky brings immediate delight to a boy in Antigua.

  • Sheer gratitude exudes from this boy's face after receiving a shoebox gift in Antigua.

  • At a morning outreach event in a village in Cambodia, a girl rejoices at the purse she found inside her shoebox gift.

  • A girl shows off her newfound treasure in Cambodia.