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  • Ministry partners in Mongolia share the Gospel at an outreach event.

  • Volunteering at a shoebox processing center can be great fun!

  • At processing centers, shoebox gifts are prayed over before they are packaged up for international shipment.

  • The Christmas spirit is alive at Samaritan's Purse processing centers.

  • After shoebox gifts are packed into cartons at our regional processing centers, they are sent on their way to children in need overseas.

  • Teams of volunteers work together to inspect shoebox gifts for international shipment.

  • Volunteers who pack the cartons at processing centers are the last people to touch the shoebox gifts before they are opened by children overseas.

  • This carton is full of shoebox gifts for 10- to 14-year-old boys.

  • Our regional processing centers bustle with activity as volunteers ready shoebox gifts for their trip overseas.

  • Our processing centers are grateful for the partnership of tens of thousands of volunteers each year.

  • Volunteers show off the “wow” items in a couple of the shoebox gifts.

  • Year-round Connect volunteers promote shoebox packing in their communities across the country.

  • Children sit at attention while a ministry partner shares the Gospel at an outreach event in Botswana.