Clean water is an important component of helping to build a healthy community. By providing access to clean water through wells and boreholes is an amazing gift to a community.
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Freshwater Wells and Boreholes

Samaritan's Purse works with communities to install and rehabilitate hand-dug wells and boreholes. After a project is completed, we offer maintenance training to community members who will assume responsibility for upkeep.

Household Filters

These concrete filters use layers of sand and gravel to remove harmful microorganisms and pollutants from water gathered in streams, lakes, or ponds. Users take the murky liquid and transform it into clean drinking water.


Health and hygiene education is one of the best ways to reduce illness. We conduct workshops that focus on personal hygiene, hand washing with soap, food preparation, household sanitation, and proper waste disposal.


Properly built latrines greatly reduce the spread of waterborne disease and prevent diarrhea, one of the leading causes of death among children.

Water Protection

Capping natural springs and protecting rainwater catchments ensures that a community will have a consistent source of clean water.

Water Treatment Packets

These packets are often used in emergency situations, when large populations have been displaced and have immediate water needs. The powdered mixture contained in each packet removes harmful microorganisms and suspended matter, making water clean and eliminating waterborne disease.

Community Filtration Systems

In emergency settings, unclean water is pumped through this device, which uses several filters and a small amount of chlorine to kill bacteria. One system can purify up to 10,000 gallons per day, enough to provide for the daily needs of 2,500 people.