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The impact of the Khmer Rouge lasted well beyond the nearly four years that dictator Pol Pot ruled Cambodia with an iron fist. The victims number well beyond the 1.7 million killed. The policies of the brutal regime shattered the family structure. The ripple effect is being felt today. Young mothers do not know how to take care of themselves before or after pregnancy. They don’t know about proper nutrition for their children, or good parenting practices.

On March 16, Samaritan’s Purse is launching a 10-day campaign called 10 Days for M’Dai to help restore the joy of motherhood in rural Cambodia. M’Dai means “mother” in the local language. Please pray that God will use our Maternal and Child Health program to deliver hope to mothers and children like the ones in these photos.

Read more about how the genocide perpetrated by the brutal Khmer Rouge is still impacting Cambodia today.

Cambodia: salud materna e infantil Tu donación puede ayudar a Samaritan's Purse a reducir los niveles de mortalidad de mujeres y sus niños pequeños al mejorar los servicios de obstetricia, enseñándoles prácticas esenciales de nutrición e incrementando el acceso a los servicios de salud. La ayuda física que proveemos en el nombre de Jesucristo moviliza a nuestros colaboradores de la iglesia local en una oportunidad para escuchar del Evangelio.

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