Shoebox Label Options

Shoebox Label Options

To make sure your shoebox gift gets to a child of the right gender and age, Samaritan’s Purse offers some different label options. Labels also offer a way for you to give the necessary $10 donation per shoebox to provide for collection, processing, shipping, and other project costs. If you donate online in either of the ways outlined below, the labels allow you to Follow Your Box and find out the country where your box will be delivered with the message of Christ’s love.

Adhesive Labels



Adhesive Shoebox Labels

Adhesive Shoebox Labels A set of 50 adhesive labels will make your packing parties even easier! After shoebox gifts are uniquely packed and prayed over, just apply a label and mark the correct gender and age of the intended recipient. If you want to Follow Your Box and discover the destination of your shoebox, these QR-coded labels allow you to easily donate to activate and enable the tracking feature. Entire packs of 50 labels can be activated by scanning or entering the nine-digit code on one label.



If you already have a QR-coded label from a brochure or an event, click the button below to begin the activation process. An entire set of 50 can be activated by scanning or entering the nine-digit code for one label.




Printable Labels



Label Calculator

Number of Shoeboxes

Suggested Donation Amount



As you checkout, print your unique label or save it to your computer. This label is already activated and can be printed as many times as needed to cover the shoebox gifts you packed.



Take care not to cover the barcode with tape or damage it in any way as this can affect scanning.

If you prefer not to make your $10 donation per shoebox online, you can also download and print our basic labels.


Track Labels

Discover your shoebox gift’s destination.

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Follow Your Box

Follow Your Box


Thank you for partnering with Operation Christmas Child and for donating online to discover the destination of your shoebox gift. The gift-filled shoebox you packed will share God’s love in a tangible way and can impact not only the child who receives it, but also their family friends, and community.

Most importantly, please remember to pray for the child who will receive your gift.

Your shoebox gift(s) shipped to:

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