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  • July 28

    Giving Multiplied with Back-to-School Sales

    As the new school year approaches, Operation Christmas Child shoebox packers are making use of back-to-school prices to purchase gifts and essential items for children in need overseas.

  • Jan. 13

    Samaritan's Purse Celebrates 9.1 Million Shoebox Gifts Collected for Children in Need

    Despite a global pandemic, millions of shoebox packers shared the true meaning of Christmas with children in need this past holiday season.

  • Dec. 15

    Operation Christmas Child Celebrates Millions of Gift-Filled Shoeboxes Amidst a Pandemic Year

    Despite a global pandemic, millions of shoebox gifts for the Samaritan’s Purse project Operation Christmas Child

  • Nov. 16

    This Week: Curbside Drop-Off Sites Open for Operation Christmas Child

    More than 4,000 drop-off sites are now open.

  • Oct. 26

    Nov. 16–23: Curbside Drop-Off Sites to Open for Operation Christmas Child

    More than 4,000 locations will now offer a curbside drop-off option for the Samaritan's Purse project, Operation Christmas Child.

  • Oct. 6

    Operation Christmas Child Aims to Reach Millions of Children with Hope this Year

    Even during the coronavirus pandemic, everyone can bless a child in need.

  • July 30

    Important COVID-19 Updates

    Looking forward to the coming season, the ministry is monitoring local, state, and national guidelines and making adjustments to help protect the health of everyone involved in collecting and processing shoebox gifts.

  • Jan. 28

    Samaritan’s Purse Releases Free Kids’ Bible Game App

    Christian parents now have a new resource to help their kids learn about the Bible based on a discipleship program that’s already leading millions of children to Christ all over the world.

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Key Quotes

  • Franklin Graham

    Emphasis: The urgency of the Gospel

    “These gifts open the door for us to share God’s love and the eternal hope of the Gospel with children and their families who are living in desperation and fear. The world is changing, but the message of the cross doesn’t change—bringing the hope of the Gospel to millions, especially the living hope of Jesus. Our mission never changes.”

  • Edward Graham

    Emphasis: Reaching hard-to-reach areas

    “The way we express the love of Jesus Christ and the passion that He had is that we go out there and we serve others. We go to the out-of-bound places, the ends of the earth. There’s no greater need and no greater time for us to go out and serve boldly in the name of Jesus Christ. And we do it through Operation Christmas Child.”

  • Cissie Graham Lynch

    Emphasis: Packing shoeboxes as a family discipleship opportunity

    “Packing shoebox gifts with our children every year is a special way we get to serve together as a family! We love that a simple shoebox is a powerful way to equip Christian leaders around the world for outreach and for our children to send the love of Jesus to children around the world.”

  • Jim Harrelson

    Emphasis: Children coming to Jesus

    “We are partnering with God for kingdom impact—one heart, one soul, one child at a time. The children are the most open to hear the Good News of Jesus, to respond in faith, and to share with their friends and family. There is great power in the Good News of Jesus Christ. There is great urgency, and children and their families are coming to Jesus.”

  • Jim Harrelson

    Emphasis: The influence of a shoebox gift

    “Isn’t it amazing that through a gift box, God has raised up intercessors and preachers. I believe the Lord is reminding us today that we are to look upon to nations to observe, to be astonished, to wonder, because He is doing something mighty.”

  • David Thompson

    Emphasis: International strategy and impact

    “It’s through a prayerful and intentional network of volunteer National and Regional Leadership Teams around the world we’re able to develop strategic plans, build key relationships, and carry out outreach and discipleship programs with staggering fruitfulness. This is all done through trained and equipped local ministry partners who have a heart to walk alongside children and their families as they hear, accept, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

  • Randy Riddle

    Emphasis: Network of year-round volunteers and shoebox packers

    “Each year-round volunteer, participating church, group, and individual shoebox packer is the heart and soul and engine driving Operation Christmas Child. Together, we are rallying around the opportunity and calling to serve Jesus in this way—with urgency to introduce more and more children to a loving God through His son Jesus Christ.”

  • Randy Riddle

    Emphasis: Network of year-round volunteers and shoebox packers

    “When the mountain seems too big, the goal seems too big, God will go before us.”

  • Izabella McMillon

    Emphasis: Firsthand account of the influence of a shoebox gift

    “A simple shoebox gift made a profound impact in my own life as a 13-year-old girl growing up in communist Romania. The brand new items in my shoebox were like a splash of color in my black and white world—and a direct answer to a specific prayer. This experience showed me God saw me and heard my prayers. A gift given with no strings attached can make a tangible and eternal impact–even opening the door of a child’s heart to accept the love of God in a personal way.”


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