Project Leader Resources

Project Leader Resources

Project leaders facilitate the packing of Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts for a church or group. That includes you if you’re ordering materials, equipping people with resources, fundraising, sharing about the project, or engaging in any other related activities. You may already be a project leader and don’t know it!

If you are a project leader or would like to become one, we want to equip you with additional resources to help make shoebox packing fun and easy. In addition to the resources available below, you can join our exclusive project leader email list to receive special project updates.

You can also join our Project Leader Facebook Group where you can connect with other passionate project leaders for ideas and inspiration! As you plan and promote, please also take the lead in the most important aspect of this project—prayer!



Pray about setting a goal for how many shoebox gifts you will collect, and use the following resources to get your church or group ready for packing shoeboxes.

Sharing the Vision

8.5″ x 11″ (7 pages)
A guide for explaining Operation Christmas Child to church leadership.

⇣Download PDF

Year-Round Collecting

8.5″ x 11″ (2 pages)
A guide to engage your congregation in gathering items for shoeboxes all 12 months of the year.

⇣Download PDF

Packing Events Guide

A detailed look at how to host a successful packing event.

Family & Children's Resources

A central hub of lessons/activities, promotional resources, videos, and articles all geared for kids and families.

Project Leader Facebook Group

A place to connect with others in your role and to glean creative tips.

Project Leader 201

Run Time: 13:23
A more in-depth look at tips and frequently asked questions.

Project Leader 101

Run Time: 6:18
A guide on how to lead the collection of Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts for your church or group.


Continue to prayerfully evaluate your shoebox goal. It is wise to pack remembering the $10 donation per shoebox, but be sure to leave room for God to work.

How to Pack a Shoebox

A resource to learn all the shoebox basics.

Preprinted Shoeboxes

Order red-and-green cardboard or plastic shoeboxes to make packing even easier for your group.

Gift Suggestions

8.5″ x 11″ (2 pages)
A detailed list of recommended items for shoebox gifts, based on gender.

⇣Download PDF

Follow-Your-Box Labels

Labels that are the only way to find out the destination of your shoebox gift.

Basic Shoebox Labels

8.5″ x 11″
Multiple labels to download and print.

⇣Download PDF

En Espanol
⇣Download PDF

Donation Hub

A central spot to make one combined donation for the shoeboxes your church or group packs.

Online Packing Resources

Build a Shoebox Online

Encourage your church or group to bless children in hard-to-reach areas through Build a Shoebox Online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Create a Goal Page

In a few easy steps, you can also create goal pages to track your group’s progress toward a shoebox goal.

For more information, download our ⇣Goal Page Tips. (PDF)


Use the following tools to get the word out about the evangelism, discipleship, and multiplication opportunities created by shoebox gifts.

Free Materials

A place to order How to Pack a Shoebox brochures, posters, bulletin inserts, DVDs of top videos, and more.

Printable Resources

Gift suggestions, promotional inserts, posters, and more.

Top Videos

A collection of the latest Operation Christmas Child videos.

Spiritual Impact Stories

A collection of short stories to help you explain the importance of packing shoebox gifts.

⇣Download PDF

Receiving Countries

8.5″ x 11″
A list of locations that have received shoeboxes since 1993.

⇣Download PDF

Shop Our Store

A spot to find items to help you spread the word about Operation Christmas Child.

Social Graphics

With the following resources, it’s easy to help spread the word about Operation Christmas Child on social media. Download your favorites and start sharing today!

Media Slides

Download a variety of Operation Christmas Child media slides to inspire, engage, and equip shoebox packers at your church, group, or event!