Moises and a Soccer Ball

Moises & Soccer Ball

A shoebox gift teaches an orphaned boy that God loves him.

Moises grew up in an orphanage in El Salvador. As he watched other kids occasionally get visits from their families, he questioned whether or not he was lovable.

One day, Operation Christmas Child came to his orphanage. As other kids received their shoebox gifts, Moises walked away thinking there couldn’t be one for him. But a man came after him, handed him his very own shoebox, and told him, “Jesus loves you.” Inside of this precious box, Moises found, among other fun items, a soccer ball! He was soon found kicking it all over the orphanage yard.

At age 10, Moises was called into the office of the orphanage and told that a family wanted to adopt him. Moises could only give thanks to God.

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