Schimea & Yellow Racecar

Schimea & Yellow Racecar

A shoebox gift teaches a boy that God was his Father and He could be trusted.

When Schimea was a young boy growing up in the Ivory Coast, his father was a pastor and his mom helped him in ministry. But sadly, one day his father got sick and died. Poverty soon set in and Schimea longed for all the things a father could bring.

His mother, a strong believer, encouraged him, “Even though we don’t have a father in this house, we have a Father in Heaven and He loves us and cares for us.”

Intrigued, Schimea asked, “Can He give me gifts since He is a Father?”

His mother assured him that he could. Schimea promptly began asking God to give him a yellow racecar.

To his delight, God answered that prayer when he received a gift-filled Operation Christmas Child shoebox around the age of 10.

As his childhood went on, Schimea's brother also died and Schimea got mad at God.

In this trying time, he sensed God telling him, “Why don’t you put your trust in Me? I am your Father.”

Shortly after this, Schimea accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and got baptized.

His shoebox gift was a beginning step in Schimea learning this all-important lesson.

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