#ShoeboxStories 2021

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Firsthand Accounts of How God Changed Lives through Simple Gifts

Things such as a toy, some school supplies, a hygiene item, or a photo can make an eternal difference in the life of a child. We invite you to discover how just four of the millions of shoebox gifts delivered made a lasting impression for the Kingdom of God.

Gergana and a Juggling Set

It holds a special place in my heart and reminds me of God’s love.

Evangeline and the School Supplies

Growing up in a dump site you smell unpleasant things, but the shoebox gifts smelled so good.

Karabo and a Comb

It was the beginning of me reopening my heart…and entrusting it to Christ.

Nancy and a Photograph

Through that picture in my shoebox gift, God’s love became tangible and real to me.

Devon and a Slinky

Through that picture in my shoebox gift, God’s love became tangible and real to me.

David and a Toy Car

My interest in how things—and people—can be restored to new life probably started with that toy car.

Denis and a Cowboy

Woody from "Toy Story" reminded me of God's faithfulness.

Luis and a Lamb

Luis received a shoebox in Panama at age 6.

Enrico and a Baseball

Enrico received a shoebox in Argentina at age 8.

Désiré and the Yo-yo

God used a simple light-up yo-yo to remind me of His love.

Yves and a Scarf

The shoebox turned my world upside down and turned my life right side up.

Kojo and a Yo-yo

Kojo received a shoebox in Ghana, West Africa, at age 12.

Vladimir and the Toy Car

How could something as small as a toy car teach me about God’s love?

Alina and a Music Box

Alina received her shoebox at an orphanage in Romania at age 12.

Alina and the Princess Shoes

The shoebox made me realize that Jesus hadn’t abandoned me. It was a representation of His love for me.

Nanor and a Doll

God planted a seed of faith in my heart when I received my shoebox.

Dania and a Radio

Even though we were poor, prayer made us feel rich.

Yuliya and a Puppy

The stuffed dog in my shoebox became my new best friend, and I still have it 14 years later.

Roselyn and a Picture Book

My life felt gray. But when my shoebox came, it was full of color.

Nadia and a Doll

As a Christian from a low-income family in Ukraine, I saw my shoebox gift as an answer to my mother’s prayers.

Mariya and Her Art Supplies

Mariya Snizhko dreamed of becoming an artist even as she grew up in a Christian home in Ukraine.

Bonny and a Plastic Camera

I was forgiven and I didn’t deserve forgiveness. Every time I sit down to pray, I thank God that He has shown me the path and He is still guiding me.

Zac and a Jump Rope

“Somebody thought of me.”

Manar and a Teddy Bear

“Several gifts in my shoebox have become decades-long reminders of God’s love.”

Shanika & Sherika and the Notebooks

“We knew that Good Samaritans had sent us these gifts.”

Elena and a Teddy Bear

“I learned that the truth of God’s love is better than any fairy tale.”

Livia and a Necklace

“The friendship necklace in my shoebox transformed my life.”

Elizabeth and a Stuffed Animal

“An illustration of Jesus Christ with outstretched arms made a lasting impression on me.”