Year-round Volunteer: It’s Amazing What God Can Do With Your Time

Diane Calvert, Operation Christmas Child year-round volunteer.

It’s Amazing What God Can Do With Your Time

Year-round volunteers are critical to the global, life-changing work of Operation Christmas Child.

Diane Calvert, administrative support volunteer at the West Coast Regional Office, does paperwork, filing, and data entry for Operation Christmas Child. She said “I do anything from A to Z” to support the staff.

Retired, Diane spends an average of two days a week volunteering with the Samaritan’s Purse project, but three to four days a week in November and December during shoebox processing season. This grandmother spent her career working in accounting and payroll offices and is delighted to transfer some of her skills to Kingdom ministry. “God uses what you have,” Diane said.

Diane Calvert stays busy volunteering at the West Coast Regional Office.

She enjoys interaction with her Operation Christmas Child colleagues daily and said, “Filling a box for one child does not just reach a child, it reaches a village or a community or a family that is in desperate need and shows them the love of Jesus. It makes such a dent in a hardcore life. It can mean the difference between life and death.”

To those considering volunteering with Operation Christmas Child, Diane said, “Pray about it because you want to know it’s where God wants you. When you feel it’s right, plunge in to everything you can because every little bit counts.”

“God uses what you have”
Diane Calvert

And don’t let time constraints concern you. Diane recommends you volunteer even it is just a few hours every other week. She said, “It’s amazing what God can do with your time even if it’s putting stamps on postcards.”

Diane added, “I can’t wait to get to heaven to see all the children and their families that this project has impacted because I know it’s going to be millions.”