Kickoff Operation Christmas Child At Your School!

Kickoff Operation Christmas Child At Your School

Get FREE Shoeboxes!

Unfortunately, this offer has concluded for 2022. Please check back again next year. You can still check out our 6 Easy Steps that will help your school or group get started on sending the Gospel to the ends of the earth!

We're excited you're interested in packing shoebox gifts with your school or group! Operation Christmas Child is a practical way for students to spread Good News around the world. God can use their gift-filled shoeboxes to reach families, plant churches, and transform communities. To get involved, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Plan to set up a schedule leading up to National Collection Week, Nov. 14–21, 2022. Pray about how many boxes you want to pack and cast vision for the Samaritan’s Purse project. Download our event guides for tips on how to incorporate shoebox packing into outreach events, retreats, chapel services, and more!
  2. Prepare by checking out our how-to resources including How to Pack a Shoebox and how to Follow Your Box to discover the country destinations of your shoebox gifts.
  3. Promote what God is doing through Operation Christmas Child by distributing FREE How to Pack a Shoebox brochures and other resources that are available to order below. Consider also showing an Operation Christmas Child video or sharing a story from our website.
  4. Pack shoeboxes full of toys, school supplies, and hygiene items. Be sure to also donate $10 per box to provide for shipping and other project costs.
  5. Pray for the children who will receive your shoebox gifts to be open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the most important part of shoebox packing!
  6. Collect and drop off packed shoebox gifts. Consider offering a prize to the class that packs the most shoeboxes before dropping the boxes off at a designated location during National Collection Week, Nov. 14–21, 2022. Find the drop-off locations nearest you in mid-October.

Or, if you prefer, you can invite students to Build a Shoebox Online!

Order Free Items

Brochures, promotional inserts, prayer guide bookmarks, posters, DVDs, and more are all available for you to give your students to make the packing process fun and easy.

  • Adhesive Shoebox Label Sets

    Order a set of 50 adhesive shoebox labels for your shoebox packing.

    Scan or enter the code on your label to give your suggested $10 donation online and activate tracking for your label. This step is not necessary to use the label, but it will allow you to discover the destination of your shoebox.

    Entire sets of 50 labels can be activated simply by entering the nine-digit code on one label and selecting the option to activate the whole pack. If you need a single label, consider ordering our brochure that includes a label.

    For more than 30 sets (1,500 labels), contact

    1 set = 50 labels


  • How to Pack a Shoebox Brochure
    Includes step-by-step instructions, a shoebox label, and a postage-paid donation envelope.

    Please note that each brochure only contains one label.

    Materials also available in the following languages: Spanish, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.


  • Poster
    Promote local Operation Christmas Child events by customizing and displaying these posters in classrooms, meeting rooms, businesses, drop-off locations, or around your neighborhood. Materiales y publicaciones en español.


Chapel Event Guide

Incorporate Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing into a chapel service. Include spiritual life personnel in the program planning to help encourage campuswide participation.

Christian School Event Guide

Incorporate Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing into a class or schoolwide project. This event can consist of a school-sponsored packing party and/or a collection of individually packed shoeboxes.

Retreat Event Guide

Incorporate Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing into a student retreat to teach about global evangelism, international missions, the spiritual need for the Gospel, generosity, as well as other topics relevant to the retreat theme.

Student Outreach Event Guide

Students are encouraged to invite friends who do not know Jesus to participate in an event to pack shoebox gifts for children around the world. The goal is for students to share the Gospel at the event. This can be done in large or small group settings.

“I want every child to know there is a God who loves them.”

Franklin Graham,
President, Samaritan’s Purse

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